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Landline - ABC 1 @ 12noon - Sunday June 22
Episode featuring Graeme Connors & NORTH, 25 Years on.


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North, 25 Years On

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Songs are special. In a matter of minutes they can sum up your life, make you feel completely at home, or spark a wonderful memory. Graeme Connors is someone who writes those kinds of songs. As one of Australia’s most loved songwriters, he creates cinematic-style stories with music that we can hold on to; songs that somehow make sense of our lives even when we can’t.


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Still Heading North

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GRAEME CONNORS - STILL HEADING NORTH - TAMWORTH 2014 Join Graeme at his favourite Festival location - Tamworth Town Hall, 3:00pm, Friday January 24th, to celebrate his amazing musical career, spanning 40 years of recording and performing, and 25 years since the release of his landmark album 'NORTH'.


April Newsletter 2

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Greetings everyone, You don't hear from me for six months then two reports in as many weeks! What's happening?