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Greetings everyone,


Still trying to decide if this is a ‘Whew - so that was the year that was…’ report, or a, ‘Wow - Merry Christmas… look at the year ahead!’ post. 


Between the personal and the professional it’s been a yo-yo year. In these musings I’m going to steer clear of the personal as it will eventually, filtered through the song writing process, become part of the professional anyhow..


What I do know is that 2014 has roared by… feels like last month we were preparing for Tamworth 2014 and here we are in the midst of preparations for Tamworth Town Hall 2015. 


As you can work out from the above, the Tamworth Festival is something of a mental marker for my musical year - and the show that I present in Tamworth has for most of my career influenced the touring content for the following twelve months - 2015 will be different!


Why? Well… the response to our ‘North 25 Years On…’ concert in Tamworth last January, at Queensland Performing Arts Centre in April, and the ‘North 25 Years On…’ tour through regional Queensland in July, was simply amazing. 


Thanks to the wonderful enthusiasm of Spencer Howson and our champions in ABC Radio throughout Queensland, the Landline team at ABC TV, and our long-term supporters in all media, we re-connected with many of our ‘true-North’ fans from so many years ago and made new friendships with people who were discovering me and my music for the very first time. It was very special.


For logistical reasons we couldn’t continue that run through the rest of Australia in what remained of 2014 - but the good news is - beginning in regional NSW in March 2015 we get to revisit ‘North 25 Years On…’ through the whole of Australia over the course of the next twelve months.


So with that in mind Tamworth 2015 will be a ‘stand alone’ concert - “Coastal Country” is the theme for Tamworth Town Hall 2015 and every song will somehow relate to water, sand, sea or sunshine.

So for those lyric buffs out there get your thinking caps on… I’ve come up with 21 songs from my catalogue of 17 CD’s that fit the theme - maybe you can do better?


Before wrapping up - I want to tell you about ‘Cruisin’ Country’. This would have to be nirvana for any music fan (or Artist) - I compare it to ‘The Gympie Muster’ on water. All genres are represented through a wide variety of venues during all hours of the day and night - great social interaction with like-minded music lovers - no cooking or cleaning - you get the picture! The great ideas are always the simplest and Cruisin’ Country is a great idea.


Now to end at the beginning - ‘Whew - so that was the year that was…’  well, most importantly we are here to ‘look back and laugh about it all’ - and Merry Christmas Everyone! - may you spend the day in gratitude and joy - and - even though it only feels like a month ago since we were planning our touring year for 2014 - ‘see you somewhere down the track in 2015!’





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Greetings everyone, Still trying to decide if this is a ‘Whew - so that was the year that was…’ report, or a, ‘Wow - Merry Christmas… look at the year ahead!’ post.



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Songs are special. In a matter of minutes they can sum up your life, make you feel completely at home, or spark a wonderful memory. Graeme Connors is someone who writes those kinds of songs. As one of Australia’s most loved songwriters, he creates cinematic-style stories with music that we can hold on to; songs that somehow make sense of our lives even when we can’t.


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GRAEME CONNORS - STILL HEADING NORTH - TAMWORTH 2014 Join Graeme at his favourite Festival location - Tamworth Town Hall, 3:00pm, Friday January 24th, to celebrate his amazing musical career, spanning 40 years of recording and performing, and 25 years since the release of his landmark album 'NORTH'.